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All our Class II, III, IV Mounts are made of the highest quality steel.  To determine what size mount you need read Selecting the Right Ball Mount

The ball mount is placed inside the hitch opening which is mounted to the vehicle. Ball Mounts require a pin and clip to secure it in place or a locking pin. We strongly recommend that you purchase a locking pin to prevent loss or theft of your ball mount.

Class II (3,500lb Cap.) Ball Mount constructed out of a hollow tube

Class III (5,000lb Cap.) Ball Mount constructed out of a hollow tube

Class IV (10,000lb Cap.) Ball Mount constructed out of a solid tube

Don't see the ball mount you need? Since we custom make our Ball Mounts just contact us and we will custom make one to fit your needs.


Class II

Drop: 1-1/4"

Rise: 3/4"


Class II

Drop: 2-1/4"

Rise: 2"


Class III

Drop: 2"

Rise: 3/4"


Class III

Drop: 3-1/4"

Rise: 2"


Class IV

Drop: 4"

Rise: 2-3/4"


10" Drop Rapid Hitch


We now Carry Quick Draw

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